Washing machine MFC 1A

 BESTMONT Washing machine with dryer for heavy large-scale production forms


This washer and dryer is designed to clean large-scale production forms from residues of meat, fat and other impurities that are results of the formation of meat block products. Washer is made of stainless steel. The unit is fully automatic, easy to operate and in maintenance.

Washer automatically loads the heavy forms from the stack on the left side of the machine. The forms are lifted with use of the elevator and further placed in the washer. Cleaning process is followed by rinsing, and subsequently drying process with use of compressed air. After cleaning process the machine automatically unloads forms to the stack on the second, right side elevator.

The manual handling of the machine consists basically on delivering unclean forms to the washer and collecting clean ones with use of pallet- or forklift truck.


Weight: 2 500 kg
Power: 14 kW
Power supply: 400V ~ 3
Compressed air: 6 atm
Dimensions: 7510 x 2286 3575 mm

The manufacturer provides a 12 -month warranty.

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