Washing line for cleaning food containers


Very good brushing performance – this washing line is very valuable due to the application of a unique system of cleaning brushes, enabling removal of the most difficult layers of food residues that often are ?sticky? to the surface (tops and bottoms) of the containers.

This washing line is ideal for washing containers used in bakeries – such as bread containers , as this machine successfully removes the hard, dense and dry bread residues (that are very  problematic to clean)

Working phases: main washing (pressurized water streams and brushing), rinsing and then drying phase by air blowing streams.

– Capacity : 800 containers / hour
– Washer Dimensions: 5000 x 1400 to 1800 x 2450
– Containers? dimensions: 600 x 400 x (110 to 410) upon request
– Transportation of the containers : Electric ( polyamide chain)
– Control systems: SIEMENS or MITSUBISHI
– Touch screen.
– Made of stainless steel
– Automatic dosage of the detergent.
– Water heating: electric / steam / gas / oil
– Water connection : ? ”

Installed power:
– Fans 4 x 3kW (standard), 4kW (optional)
– Pumps 5.5 kW (standard) , 7.5 kW (optional)

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