Washing machine with dryer for containers and EU standard pallets


MP1+SU is used for washing and drying containers of the type ?2 and KFC of dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm and similar, as well as pallets of EU standards. All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly, including external as well as internal parts. In order to remove all detergent solution residues washing process is followed by throughout rinsing with clean water. Washing occurs in a closed system. Any loss of washing water is replenished by water used previously for rinsing.

Following rinsing process the containers are dried with air flow directed towards all surfaces. After drying the container remains moist with no visible water drops.


Capacity: up to 400 pcs / h
– Steam heating of water: 18 kW
– Electrical water heating: 42 kW
Dimensions: 6000 ? 1450 ? 1800 mm

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