About US

BESTMONT is Poland based company that is one of leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for meat industry, and can offer a wide range of various products that is known in 15 European countries, USA and Canada.

Thanks to our practical and thorough knowledge of meat processing technology, our offer has already received a very positive feedback and overall recognition within companies that deal with meat processing industry business. Our offer fulfils all requirements, guarantees high quality of goods produced and provides very satisfying results regarding production economy.

Using our production machinery and equipment will enrich your production offer with attractive and high value meat products, which will deliver a great customer satisfaction for your business.

Our products are made from high quality stainless steel and are equipped with mechanical and electric components supplied only from prestigious companies. All our products comply with all current legislation and requirements in relation to food processing..

Through delivering high quality, great service and very convenient terms of trade to you, we strongly believe that we will meet all your requirements Please feel invited to co-operate with our business.

Yours sincerely


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