Automatic washing machine for stuffing trolleys type MK1


The machine is designed for washing standard trolleys for stuffing of capacity of 200l. It is used in meat processing industry and other food processing plants. It is made of stainless steel. Electric, steam or gas heating available for water utilized for washing. Washing process occurs in a closed system, i.e. waste water is purified and further reused. The machine is equipped with automatic detergent dispenser and automatic loading and unloading device. This washing machine guarantees thorough cleaning and absolute disinfection of trolleys for stuffing.


Capacity: 25-40 pcs / h
– Steam and gas water heating: 9 kW
– Electric water heating 33 kW
– Pump power of 7.5 kW
Dimensions: 3100 ? 1600 ? 1900 mm

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